ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Hypocrisy, concern and some others!

New blog, new domain and all, and it’s fitting that I’m starting this with a post that is outraging about people. People pisses me off so soon. And, I guess that I encounter hell a lot of hypocrites every day.

One thing that was bothering me a lot these days was the comments on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was so irritated about these people’s comments on it that I posted a Facebook post about it. I’m just repeating it here, again.


“People are struggling without water and you people are wasting water in the name of Ice Bucket Challenge. Think about those people.”

People are struggling without food. Did you stop eating all the posh food? People are struggling without shelter, do you really need internet?
If you think that one bucket water to spread awareness about a neuron disease is a problem, get some help. Please.

“Why can’t these rich celebrities simply donate the money?”

Umm, I would’ve never heard about this disease if not for this campaign!
The more people get to know about this, the more donation and mainly, more awareness.

“Why this local celebrity is doing this? This is a campaign started in Western countries!”

This disease is NOT limited to those countries. And those local celebrities’ fans might not use internet in the way you and I use. They might hear about this disease through them for the first time.

“There are more pressing issues in the world. Why not campaigns for them?”

What stops you from starting a campaign? Use creativity and plan something?


This was posted on August 21st. I had moved on. But, I saw a video today again, which was emotional, saying that people should stop pouring ice water on them, rather they should be donating money to the research. Pouring ice water doesn’t help in any way, it seems.

People keep repeating the same stupid argument again and again.

For their info, ALS Association has raised $88.5 million between July 29 and August 26. Less than two months, 88 million?
And, it had raised some mind boggling $.2.6 million in the same period in 2013.

Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t really help a lot, did it?

If people really are concerned about the disease and the finding a cure for this deadly disease, they should be alarmed about the way the money is being handled.

ALS Association’s 2013 expenses indicate that over 50% of the “donations” they receive is being spent on salaries for the people who work in the association and other costs.

Its President and CEO is being paid $339,475, while the total salaries amounts to $1,812,808.
It’s fair in a sense. Even though it’s about charity and finding a cure for ALS, they devote their full time and they have a life. Perfectly fine to get paid.

But, if you go through the whole report, you’ll find expenses that not really convince this that it’s a charity that works towards to cure a deadly disease.

But, then again, I want to quote something that Eric Hoffler is often misquotes as he said.

“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

But, I direct you to watch this TED talk about non-profit organisations, charities, and philanthropy.

Hence, if you really care about ALS and its patients, outrage about the so called non-profit organisations, not against people who do things that is really helping to create a wave about the organisation and the cause.

Gopikrishna Kanagalingam

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