Interesting stuff to read/watch: 19/10/2016

As an avid internet user who reads hell a lot of useless stuff and watches hundreds of videos, I don’t always share everything I like.
But, just thought to share everything on a single blog post.
So, here are they:

This history of cholera outbreak in Haiti in 2010. Apparently, Nepalese UN Peacekeepers were the reason for the cholera outbreak that has killed more than 9,000 persons.

This weird story that introduced me that President Barack Obama’s half-brother is actually a Trump supporter. Apparently, he’s angry with the President as well.

This alleged email by John Podesta that lists potential VP picks for Hillary. People like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Howard Schultz, Mary Barra, Ursula Burns, and Judith Rodin are there. Cool.


This analysis by Verite that shows how Tamil and Sinhala media in Sri Lanka differ in nature.



This hilarious segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


These three video segments on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

Donald Trump tries to appeal to black children

Melania Trump addresses pussygate

More WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary Clinton


This slightly older post from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

Gopikrishna Kanagalingam

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